Between February and June 2022, DHC and JCPS’ Newcomer Academy built a wonderful partnership. We’re delighted to work with the schools’ teachers, staff and students and assist anyway we can. Below is a brief summary of our work this year.

  1. DHC volunteers delivered hygiene supplies and other items such as winter coats, hats and gloves on February 9th, 2022.
  2. In early April, DHC proudly assisted with sports physicals for the NA soccer team.
  3. Later that month, DHC delivered supplies for the Newcomer Academy nurses closet, including gum and toothache products.
  4. DHC delivered water bottles to the soccer and cross country teams in May, and watched the last few soccer games of the season.
  5. We attended an international fashion show at Newcomer, where students represented their native countries and provided international flair.
  6. To close the year, DHC President Muhammad Babar, MD, visited the school as the Newcomer Academy soccer team received congratulatory medals to close the year.

This was a wonderful time together and we’re so happy to have made the connections and friendships we have.