On behalf of Doctors for Healthy Communities (DHC), Dr. Babar delivered diaper bags to Georgia Chaffee T.A.P.P. Big Picture High School in Fairdale, Kentucky on April 12th, 2021. 
Georgia Chaffee TAPP School is located in the southern region of Jefferson County. It is an alternative choice school serving pregnant and parenting students from surrounding middle and high schools. Students are given the option to come to Georgia Chaffee TAPP where they can take advantage of special programs designed to meet the unique needs of those who are pregnant and parenting. The available programs include academics, childcare, medical care, and family services. This comprehensive program makes Georgia Chaffee TAPP an ideal school for pregnant and parenting students.
TAPP follows the curriculum of the Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) programs of study, as well as pre-college curriculum. Each student’s academic program is individually scheduled and planned in an effort to duplicate the home school schedule as closely as possible. In addition to providing regular middle and high school courses to TAPP students, TAPP provides classes in prenatal/postpartum, family planning, child development, childcare, and parenting skills to prepare each student for their responsibilities as a parent. Seniors who have met all the requirements for their diploma graduate either from their home high school or from Jefferson County High School depending on the amount of time spent at TAPP.
DHC is honored to be part of the initiative to support students of Georgia Chaffee T.A.P.P.  Big Picture High School in JCPS.