On behalf of Doctors for Healthy Communities (DHC), volunteers delivered disposable water cups from Louisville Water Company to John Ellington, Juvenile Facility Superintendent, Department of Juvenile Justice and Dr. Stephanie Nutter, Ed.D. at AP Louisville Day and JRJDC, JCPS State Agency Children’s Programs on March 2nd, 2021.

Louisville Day Treatment is a specialized treatment and educational program with the primary goals being the prevention of further delinquent behavior, the prevention of institutionalization, the improvement of individual and family functioning, and a successful instructional transition to the community school. Youths benefit from an academic curriculum that complies with current high school graduation requirements. Students receive instruction accommodating individual learning styles and remediation of skills. More details are found at:
Louisville Day Treatment (kyschools.us)

Louisville Water Company has produced water since 1860. They provided Louisville pure tap® bottles & cups for the students in JCPS.

DHC is proud to be part of the initiative supporting our school children during this pandemic by providing reusable water bottles & cups from Louisville Water Company.