DHC President Muhammad Babar, MD, is a champion of the “Hearts for Heroes Challenge,” lifting up front line workers and recognizing them online. Posting on Facebook, Dr. Babar said:

“Health care workers have been on the frontline of Covid-19 pandemic since its onset. They have been serving fellow citizens selflessly while putting themselves and their loved ones at risk. Compassionate Louisville is requesting everyone to tag their healthcare heroes on social media and challenge other friends to do the same. Special thanks to a group of high school students for organizing this challenge. Please take a moment to acknowledge their effort by watching attached video.

Kindly remember that physicians and nurses are not the only Healthcare workers but nurse aides, unit secretaries, social workers, respiratory therapists, pharmacy staff, dieticians, physical therapists, case managers, security staff, food workers, maintenance workers and housecleaning staff are also true unsung heroes.
As Chair of BOT of Compassionate Louisville and having hundreds of healthcare worker as my friends, I do not want to be partisan in nominating a few as my healthcare heroes. But still I have to fulfill the requirement. Therefore I will send a heavenly tag to all the healthcare workers in our country and across the globe who have made the ultimate sacrifice of their lives while fighting this pandemic including our local Kentuckians Dr. Rebecca Showden, Michael Rodriguez and Dr. Mohammed Jawed.
I will humbly request all of my friends to accept this challenge by tagging/naming your healthcare heroes and nominating friends and family to keep it going. Godspeed.”

Here is the video Dr. Babar mentions above.