In a new opinion article published in the Courier-Journal, Dr. Muhammad Babar encourages all to receive the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as they are able.

“Louisville doctor: Getting the COVID-19 vaccine is our moral and ethical duty” is a great read, and a necessary one, as uncertainty persists about the vaccine.

“The vaccine is safe, effective and the epitome of medical science. It is a success story of human determination, that we can achieve anything and everything in a short time with our talents and resources,” Dr. Babar explains, providing several examples of the necessity this vaccine truly is. We thank him for speaking up in the defense of science and humanity.

Please visit the Courier-Journal’s website to read the full article:

The positive news about the vaccine is spreading on social media…

Dr. Babar was praised by KY Lt. Gov. Jacqueline Coleman in a post on Twitter:

In a post on Facebook, Dr. Babar praised the frontline workers who have worked nonstop throughout the global pandemic, in particular Nurse Shannon Elliott who had administered both of Dr. Babar’s vaccines.